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Are you ready to work in Europe?

If you are looking for a job abroad, make sure you first try to find out what your true personal goals and drivers are; who are you, what does intrinsically drive you and what your goals in both work and life are. Find out what kind of jobs and industries suit you based on your skills, interests and experiences. Remember self-assessment is the starting point for a successful job hunt.

Self-assessment means getting a clear picture of yourself: Your strengths, weaknesses, talents, challenges, preferences, values, work habits and lifestyle. With these things identified, you can then start your job search and see how you fit into the job market. What types of jobs match your personality? Where would you be happy and successful? Where would you be uncomfortable and dissatisfied?

Nannette Ripmeester, co-author of a series of guides on recruitment tactics in over 40 countries and founder of Expertise in Labour Mobility (, has worked for 7 years for the European Commission in Brussels, which was the kick-start to her own international career that took her to 17 different countries. She tells you in the different country sections what it takes to get a job in one of Europe’s markets. Translating your CV in a different language is one thing, understanding what it takes to be successful abroad requires more. Your CV is your marketing instrument – adapt it to the market you intend to use it in and use Ripmeester’s tips and tricks to get that job you want.

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