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I predict that…

There are only two types of prediction - good ones and bad ones. The good ones show great wisdom and insight, the bad ones, well, they just get forgotten...don't they?

The world's first superstar

Ian Sclater charts the career of Harry Lauder, a star who, in his day, was the biggest entertainment act the world had ever seen

History of the Vespa Scooter

First launched over 50 years ago, the ever-so stylish Vespa remains at the cutting edge of modernity and fashion.

Quotes of Wisdom

Words come and words go; some stay with us because of their insight, wisdom, profundity and personal value. But which ones?

Science Fact

Sports / Activities


Gap Year Itineraries

The chances are you will never again have the freedom to choose when, where and how to spend your time as you can on a gap year. But what to do? Daniel Creffield provides some options.

Around Europe in 80 Ways

When your studies have finished what will you do next? Why not take some time out and work your way across Europe.

Destination down under!

John Davis takes us on a tour around the States and Territories of Australia and highlights the best attractions offered by each.

Discover New Zealand

Maru Ririnui is our guide as we travel to New Zealand and catch a brief glimpse of the culture and way of life of the Maori people.

Ecotourism-Australia and Zimbabwe

Are you seeking fun, excitement and experiences to remember? David Jarvis says just try knocking on Mother Nature's door.

Safe Solo Travel

Travel is only beneficial if you have an experience that leaves you wanting more. lf you have a bad time then at best you will never want to travel again. Planning in advance is the sign of a sensib

Off the beaten track

Where to go on vacation in Europe? With so many places to see it can be difficult to decide. Brian Richards offers a few alternative destinations

Central Europe in your sights

Dave Richardson takes us on a short tour through the city streets of Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Adventure! Make your gap year count

With bosses inundated with identikit graduate CVs, the right kind of gap year can put you ahead of the rest.

A gap year and your job prospects

Whilst the popularity of exotic gap years in developing countries rises, Daniel Creffield argues that more modest experiences can be just as valuable depending on what you gained from your adventure.

Basic Tips While Travelling Abroad

Find tips about baggage, culture, making calls abroad and more...