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Teaching English abroad

TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) is a very good way of travelling and living in a new and exciting culture, whilst making a difference to the lives of others through education. more

Nutrients in food vital to location of early human settlements

Research found that early humans were driven by a need for nutrient-rich food to select ‘special places’ in northern Europe as their main habitat. more

The dark side of Facebook

Analyses of your status updates on Facebook can show if you have psychopathic personality traits, according to researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy and Lund University. more

Emotionally-triggered overeating

A professor has helped to design a smart bra that can detect changes in mood, with the hope of preventing emotionally-triggered overeating in women.

Burger success

Take five graduates, add a sprinkling of entrepreneurial spirit, drum up an appetite for fast food with the help of social media and you have the perfect recipe for a successful burger bar.

Dying from a food allergy

A person with a food allergy is more likely to be murdered than to die from a severe reaction, according to a new study.

Gap year tips

Students are looking to make the type of travel experiences they do on their gap year worthwhile, in a bid to make them stand out on a CV.

Community volunteering

Student Volunteering Bangor operates 22 community projects in Bangor and the surrounding area and have over 600 volunteering opportunities.

Gap year advice

28% of gappers cite money and financial worries as the biggest challenge during their time away, as the leading online travel insurance site Essential Travel found during a recent survey.

Gap years for older people

Once the "must-do" of university graduates, the gap year is now increasingly being taken up by an older demographic, and referred to as a career break.

Gap years in Brazil

Brazil has not only displaced Britain as the sixth biggest economy in the world but it has also become the most popular destination for professional Brits volunteering abroad.

Working Gap Years

Working gap year ‘The Year in Industry’ is reporting a big increase in applications after university fee issues pegged back demand last year.