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Future employment trends


There are a number of factors to consider when looking for a new job or change of career. Particularly for those looking to develop their career, knowing which sectors will be thriving in the future is one consideration.

While we can’t predict what is round the corner, Michael Cheary at looks at the top five jobs we may be doing to give those on the career ladder an idea of what’s to come.

Technology is a key example of how future employment has been impacted. Is has been one of the main drivers in the development of new jobs and continues to develop at pace.  For example, the internet has only been around for 20 years but the jobs that millions of people do today would be impossible without it. So, looking to the future, what careers may we be pursuing?

1.   Vertical Farmer 

With experts predicting the world's population will increase to around 9.1 billion by 2050, space will be at a premium in the future. Farms will start to spring up on rooftops and terraces, inside purpose-built skyscrapers, and anywhere else where there’s room to grow. After sorting out a few teething problems (rearing livestock may prove to be a challenge), this profession will become an essential part of our survival.

2.   End of Life Counsellor

Medical technology is also advancing at an astonishing rate. Genetic screening could soon become part of our routine medical checkups in the not-too-distant future, predicting the likelihood of disease and even determining how long we’re likely to live.

The metaphysical questions this throws up will be enormous, and therapy will become an essential part of dealing with the situation. As a result, counselling will become ever popular.

3.   Data waste management operative 

People love to hoard. But, as we move further into the future, our entire film, music and book collections will all be digitally stored, not to mention all our personal correspondence.

So, imagine a world where entire data storage facilities will be needed for every individual, where you’ll have hundreds of thousands of e-mails to sort through on a weekly basis, and where a virulent virus could prove as deadly as a break-in.

To counter this, experts will be needed to help you tidy up your tablet, feng shui your phone and de-clutter your data drives, while also monitoring potential security threats at all times.

4.   Robot Technician

It is likely there will come a time when robots will no longer be the preserve of elite scientific minds or imaginative secondary school pupils. One thing about technology however, will be its ability to break, which makes Robot Technician a pretty attractive future career option. Well, until the robots learn how to fix themselves, that is!

5.   Space Captain/Super commander 

What happens after we boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before? With the launch of commercially available spaceflights, popping up to the international space station or taking a cheeky jaunt to Jupiter could become commonplace.

And, inevitably, there will be a massive recruitment effort to attract drivers. Although most of the hours will be unsociable, the uniform alone will be enough to attract some of the world’s very best HGV licence holders up into the big black. One small step for man, one giant leap for commuters everywhere.

What the future holds is definitely food for thought but while we keep one eye on tomorrow, don’t miss out on new opportunities today.

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