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Checking work emails on Christmas Day


Checking work emails on Christmas Day According to a survey of over 1200 people by, on the attitudes towards working and jobseeking at Christmas, more than half of people expect to be checking their work emails on Christmas Day.

And while many of us seem unwilling to switch off when we should be sitting back and digesting our Christmas dinner, a full 33 per cent will be in work during the Christmas period – with a further 10 per cent working from home.

Meanwhile, some 77 per cent of people admitted that they would be willing to pass up traditional festivities in order to work on Christmas Day, if it secured them a new job. Marketing Director Mark Rhodes said: "Most of us would probably rather switch off and enjoy some well-earned rest at Christmas, but our survey highlights the extent to which technology enables and even obliges us to keep in touch with our work.

"And for jobseekers willing to go the extra distance, Christmas is a great opportunity to take some time to focus on your job search, tidy up your CV and polish your interview skills before the January rush.”

For jobseekers willing to sacrifice a bit of time, the Christmas period presents the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the pack.

Katie Edwards from media recruitment agency PFJ says that this is a tricky time of year for her.

"Jobseekers are holding off looking until the new year and employers are using up the rest of their headcount for the year, so there are far more jobs than there are candidates before Christmas”.

According to headhunter Martin Ellis, even those who are at home are still potentially busy – and "ready to pounce at anything that moves”.

"It's a competitive world out there, and if you're taking some time out to let the days drift by, there will be others beavering away to take advantage of your lethargy,” he says.

"I can remember a time when the Christmas holiday was just that – a holiday – but the internet doesn't sleep, and people were never more attached to their technology than today.”