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UEA reveals next FutureLearn online course aimed at prospective university students

The University of East Anglia has announced its next open, online course (commonly known as MOOCs), which aims to prepare students with the skills they need for university.

The course, titled ‘Preparing for University’, is the second free course UEA has offered through new platform FutureLearn, and will go live on January 20 2014.

The course is aimed primarily at sixth form students, as an introduction to the skills which universities value and may also appeal to mature students returning to education as well as those overseas thinking of studying in the UK.

‘Preparing for University’ follows the successful launch of UEA’s ‘The Secret Power of Brands’, one of 10 courses from UK institutions which launched with FutureLearn in October, and which was the very first to go live.

Designed to fit into the two to three hours of weekly non-assessed study time sixth formers have, it will help in preparation for university but also in students’ sixth form work, helping to improve grades required for course entry. It allows students a glimpse into the exciting atmosphere and life of a university whilst also introducing them to how academically rigorous it can be.

Harriet Jones, senior lecturer in Biology at UEA, said: "This course has been developed from years of experience teaching first year undergraduate students, and the experience gained from developing the current PreUniversity Skills programme used by many sixth form pupils.

"It will provide material to help students develop a degree of independent study with the option, through FutureLearn’s interactive style of learning, to be encouraged and directed by their teachers while they work through the course.  It has been developed with sixth form teachers and university staff, to provide a first step on the transition from school to university.”

The next UEA course to go live in February, ‘Teaching Computing: Part 1’, was also announced this week.

Together with previously launched titles, some of which re-open in January, and seven further courses announced by FutureLearn this morning, the total number of free courses available will be 29. More courses will be added by numerous institutions throughout the year.