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MA Filmmaking course


UK: Met Film School's new postgraduate courses give students a taste of life in the industry

Met Film School has revamped its postgraduate offering allowing students to develop specialist skills and gain a better understanding of how to work within the filmmaking  team.

A suite of five specialist one-year MA programmes will replace the broader 18-22 month MA Filmmaking course. MAs in Directing, Screenwriting, Postproduction and Business and Producing began this month with a new MA in Cinematography to take its first cohort of students in February 2014.

Collaboration is at the heart of the new offering and unlike other specialist MAs is integrated into the curriculum at key points throughout the course. Uniquely, students spend the first 5 weeks in a Filmmaking Induction Lab - working together in groups to gain a better understanding of filmmaking theory and practice, how the industry works, and the role of collaboration and teamwork.

The Filmmaking Induction Lab culminates in the first film project in which students work in small groups to create their first short films. Further opportunities to collaborate are provided throughout the year and it is hoped that when the students come to do their graduate project they naturally form into collaborative teams to allow each individual to focus on their own specific skills and talents.

Lisa Neeley, Director of Student Affairs and Postgraduate Programmes at Met Film School said: "The film industry is about working collaboratively in distinct roles. Developing the unique skills relevant to individual roles is exactly what the industry is looking for in new talent. At this stage in their education the students are also ready to specialise and we can already see that we have made the right decision to take this new approach after we more than doubled our target intake for 2013.

"In our first cohort we have a real mix of students. Our unique Induction Lab will give all students a solid foundation in filmmaking practice; whether they have come from practical vocational training, more academic theory based education, the film industry or have no formal experience of filmmaking."

As with all Met Film courses students will be tutored by experienced filmmaking practitioners including directors, writers, producers, editors, postproduction picture and sound specialists and cinematographers. All MA students will also benefit from the support offered by MET GO giving students unrivalled access to internships, networking opportunities and expert support to reach international film festivals.

More information and details of how to apply are available on the website: Applications are now open for both February and October 2014 start dates.