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Working remotely



The face of the modern workplace is changing – and it’s becoming a virtual one.  One in three UK workers is now being managed remotely at least once a week, with many not connecting with their manager for a month or more and research shows this is empowering the nation’s workforce.

The study, from recruitment firm REED, reveals that virtual or remote management is welcomed by employees and employers alike and it’s a trend that’s on the increase. Of those employees that are managed remotely, eight out of ten are not connecting with their superiors on a daily basis and one in five goes more than a month without connecting with their manager. From this group, 40 per cent say their levels of face-to-face contact have gone down in the last 12 months, with other forms of contact such as texting and video calls on the rise.

The study shows that remote management is welcome, with 84 per cent of those being managed remotely saying they are happy with the level of contact they receive. This highlights the growing independence and empowerment among UK workers, with nearly two thirds (62 per cent) preferring managers who give them the freedom to get on with their work uninterrupted.

In light of the changing shape of today’s workforce, employees have a clear view of the top traits they now require in a manager. Interestingly, topping the list is ‘the nurturer’, a manager who makes employees feel comfortable, which demonstrates the workforce’s preference for managers with good emotional skills that can relate to their teams.

The top five character traits that employees said they looked for in a manager are:

The Nurturer - Someone who is able to make employees feel comfortable        
The Straight-talker - Someone who admits when they make mistakes  
The Cool-head  - Someone who is calm under pressure
The Goal-setter - Someone who gives clear instructions and defined targets     
The Cheerleader - Someone who acknowledges work 
The study comes as REED launches its UK-wide search to recognise and reward the country’s top managers as nominated by their teams. Now in its second year, the Manager of the Year competition aims to find the person that deserves the accolade of the nation’s best manager.

Tom Lovell, Group Managing Director of REED said: "Remote management offers many employers more flexibility and workers are welcoming the opportunity to approach their own role in a more independent way.

"At REED, we know it takes a strong mixture of skills to be a good manager, and it can be the difference between loving your job and hating it which is why we’ve re-launched our nationwide search to find the Manager of the Year.”

The Manager of the Year competition is open until 18 November, when regional winners will be announced before a final manager is declared the winner. To find out more or to nominate your manager, visit

To find out more about REED, visit