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Online campus privacy


Online campus privacy Leeds and Bangor’s students use the most protection online

Students from Leeds and Bangor universities have proven themselves to be the most online security savvy in the country, winning more than £6,600 in scholarship funds in the process.
Students from these universities registered the highest proportional number of downloads of the world’s most popular virtual private network (VPN), Hotspot Shield, compared with other institutions in the UK and the US. Students from more than 500 universities participated.
The winning universities took part in AnchorFree’s "College Privacy Challenge,”  a global campaign to improve online campus privacy for students. As part of the campaign, AnchorFree offered UK university students a share of £33,000 in scholarships and a free one year subscription to its hugely popular VPN, which helps users to protect their identity online, keeping digital lives private and secure. It has been downloaded more than 150 million times worldwide.

"Sharing content privately and securely is an issue of increasing concern to young people,” said David Gorodyansky, founder and CEO of AnchorFree. "They have begun to recognise that the digital revolution has reshaped university life to such an extent that measures need to be taken to protect the wealth of personal information shared online.
Mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones have replaced pen and paper as the go-to tools for the lecture hall. With such a great reliance comes even greater risks. Supposedly private online information can resurface in the public domain and come back to haunt graduates looking for jobs. VPNs such as Hotspot Shield are one way that students can protect their online content, whether it is academic work or personal data.”

One of the scholarship winners was Luke Whittaker, a student at Leeds University, who will use the money to pursue graduate studies. Whittaker says he uses Hotspot Shield VPN "for security and privacy reasons on my laptop in public or private WiFi locations where I was worried about the security of the networks. As an international student, another great use was to catch up on all the great TV shows that I was missing from home."

Recent research from AnchorFree has revealed that cities with large student populations have the highest use of the Hotspot Shield VPN per capita in the UK, demonstrating that students are waking up to the dangers of unsecured browsing, and increasingly taking their online security into their own hands.

In addition to Hotspot Shield VPN, AnchorFree recommends the following four apps every student should take to Uni with them:
1.      Find My iPhone/Phone – using your smartphone’s locator services, this app can prove invaluable for both locating your misplaced phone and remotely wiping data from a connected device if it’s lost or stolen
2.      LastPass – protect your data and private details with this free browser-based password manager and form filler that works with all platforms and smart phones
3.      Mobile banking apps – available from most major banks, these let you access your accounts, transfer funds, pay bills and check whether that all-important installment of your student loan has come in with the swipe of a finger
4.      Evernote – allows you to type lecture notes, take photos, record audio or attach a file in the app, and syncs to all your connected devices
Universities were ranked by the highest number of sign-ups relative to student population size. Any university student with an "” email could enter and receive a free premium subscription to Hotspot Shield on iOS, Android PC or Mac - valued at £27. Scholarship winners were chosen at random from all eligible entries. To view the complete list of winners, visit