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Offshore opportunities in Russia


Offshore opportunities in Russia

RGU and OILTEAM launch £1.2million educational partnership

Robert Gordon University (RGU) and Russian oilfield educational and engineering services company OILTEAM have announced a partnership worth more than £1.2million to train the next generation of Russia’s offshore energy professionals. 

From October 2013, OILTEAM’s Academy and RGU will deliver a Master of Science (MSc.) degree in Offshore Oil & Gas Engineering in the Black Sea town of Sochi in order to develop the country’s capabilities in capturing its offshore hydrocarbon resources.

Despite Russia’s re-emergence as a world leader in oil and gas production, its offshore resources remain relatively un-tapped. As land-based E&P opportunities decline, oil and gas operators face a significant challenge to develop the organisational capability on which Russia’s fledgling, but potentially vast, offshore sector will depend.

Targeting graduates as well as employees of oil and gas majors, the course aims to equip specialists with backgrounds in land-based E&P with a comprehensive overview of the challenges, technologies and know-how from the world’s leading offshore theatres. The one-year MSc. represents a pilot product from a new team whose scope is expected to grow with time.

This team combines complementary talents and capabilities - RGU brings award-winning academic and industry expertise from Aberdeen, Europe’s oil and gas capital and global centre for offshore technology, while Tomsk-based OILTEAM builds on decades of technical innovation in partnership with operators across Russia and beyond.

Prof. Ferdinand von Prondzynski, principal of RGU, said: "Robert Gordon University is delighted to be part of a new partnership that further enhances our long-standing relationship with the international energy sector. Together with OILTEAM, we look forward to launching this new MSc. course as a small but strategic step in supporting the development of Russia’s offshore resources.”

Dr. Vladimir Lavrov, founder and chief executive of OILTEAM, added: "Russia’s oil and gas majors are acutely aware of the challenges ahead in developing new offshore frontiers. We have listened to them carefully and believe that, together with RGU, our Academy in Sochi will help build an important foundation for the capabilities our industry needs. We aim to develop offshore expertise for our own service business, our customers, and for Russia as a whole.”

Alan Grant, formerly president of Sakhalin Energy (Sakhalin II) and currently executive chairman of Raffles Energy Pte Ltd, said: "This partnership is a potential milestone for Russia’s offshore industry. RGU is famous for delivering knowledge and skills that our industry needs. In OILTEAM they have a partner with the contacts and resources to develop and deliver material for the specific needs of this remarkable country. It’s a potent blend, and I’m delighted to see it announced here at Offshore Europe 2013.”