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Salford Business School launches unique open access online course

Salford Business School has teamed up with leading digital industry organisations to create a unique free online course to help businesses and individuals make the best use of web search and social media marketing.

Designed by Master’s-level marketing students with input from Business School
academics and industry experts, the series of educational videos now available cover topics including online personal branding  , search engine optimisation (SEO)  , blogging and marketing through social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The project is a pilot MOOC
(Massive Open Online Course), a new way of offering teaching and learning which is particularly attractive to people who would like flexible, internet-based study which can fit around their work or home life.

The 12 videos are aimed at companies and individuals who are looking to raise their digital profile and enhance their online engagement skills. They have been developed following research undertaken as part of the Passport to Trade 2.0
<> international business culture project which examined social media use across 31 European countries. It involved more than a dozen leading digital media businesses and government agency UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)

Executive Dean of Salford Business School, Professor Amanda Broderick, said: "Salford Business School is committed to meeting the needs of businesses in the Manchester city region, nationally and internationally. This unique open access online course, offering critical business skill development opportunities, is the first in a series demonstrating our continuing commitment to address industry skills gaps.

"The University of Salford’s thought leadership in business and the digital and media industries is demonstrated in our ground-breaking approaches to learning and our graduates’ success in the business world.”

To join the course, entitled Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business, go to