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News Story:

Reims Management School and Rouen Business School merge


Rouen Business School and Reims Management School have announced the name of the school created by their merger: NEOMA Business School. The school’s main ambitions are to be ranked among Europe’s leading business schools and be recognized as the preferred partner of companies. NEOMA Business School counts more than 8000 students, 200 permanent professors, and over 40,000 alumni.
An internationally legible brand, serving the school’s strategic ambition
The school has opted for a simple brand which embodies the innovative and entrepreneurial dimensions of the two former schools. With its soft tones and contemporary edge, the name expresses the momentum of a new world. Easy to understand and pronounce in the world’s main languages, the NEOMA Business School brand compliments the school’s international ambitions.
The name is based on two terms [NEO] and [MA]:
• [NEO] refers to what's new, to create or renew. With the same etymological root as "NEW" and "NUEVO", it calls for new challenges with a dimension of social responsibility and sustainable development.
• [MA] is a direct reference to management, breathing elegance and femininity into the brand.
"The NEOMA Business School brand makes clear reference to today’s managerial attitudes," said Frank Bostyn the school’s Dean. "It is consistent with our understanding of what a business school is and how they need to rethink management and imagine a new approach in order to better service humanity and better meet the challenges of business."
The logo is based on the combination of two complementary colours: grey and purple, a unique combination among European business schools. "The logo reflects the duality of the alliance between Reims and Rouen: two merging schools, two large campuses, the link between the academic world and the business world," said Frank Bostyn.
Accompanying the logo, the signature "Empowering Management" illustrates the school’s ability to train new managers in order to improve company performance.
Management of the faculty linked to the strategic direction of the school
NEOMA Business School’s faculty is at the base of its strategic competences. It has more than 200 permanent professors and focuses on seven different academic departments, reflecting its strategy and positioning (Finance - Marketing - Strategy and Entrepreneurship - Information Systems, Supply Chain and Decision Support - Man and Organizations - Compatibility, Control and Legal Affairs – Economy, Cultures and International Affairs).
"We have strengthened the essential disciplines such as marketing and finance," said Adilson Borges, Dean of Faculty. "Beyond the functional skills, we need to develop cross-knowledge of our learners and their soft skills. This is why the departments are organized around an approach that is both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary."
At the junction between research and teaching, these departments bring to life all programmes offered on the school’s campuses in Reims, Rouen and Paris.
An ambitious research policy, serving learners and business
NEOMA Business School’s research activity, both rigorous and relevant, has two objectives:
• Respond to the highest international academic standards
• Contribute to the development of society by conducting relevant research, working closely with organizations.
When companies and faculty maintain close and mutually beneficial relations and constantly update knowledge, the first beneficiaries are learners. Trained and then accompanied throughout their careers, they have access to the knowledge, methods, and the best tools for their project to succeed. With their experience at the school, they become initiators and agents of change in their organizations and thus contribute to the influence of NEOMA Business School.
The development of an ecosystem of innovative programmes
The approach developed at NEOMA Business School meets the mission set by the school: to educate and support tomorrow’s managers and entrepreneurs, capable of responsible leadership and go beyond the dominant models.
"We have developed a unique ecosystem among business schools to serve all the school’s programmes and its students," said Celine Davesne, Director of Programmes. "It is on the basis of this innovative ecosystem, designed on a matrix approach, that the entire portfolio of programmes has been restructured."
Several high-quality services have been created for this:
• The "Talent & Behavioural Development Unit" is a service aligned with the school’s positioning and is dedicated to career development and professional skills. It offers all learners professional guidance throughout their courses and coaching tailored to the specifics of each programme. This measure also includes the development of managerial and leadership skills. It is distinguished by expectations and good business practice, as well as the research expertise of the faculty (including the News Careers Chair).
• "Student Affairs" is a high-end measure dedicated to supporting student life on campus and in the development of students’ careers. It lists a number of services such as student counselling, student associations, educational support and psychological support. An advice panel is also proposed to accompany students in their choice of academic exchange programmes, internships and furthering their studies.
• The "Teaching & Learning Centre", a host for pedagogical creativity, provides resources and develops integrated technology to stimulate and support the production of content and innovative teaching processes to all persons at the school, both on- and off-site. By bringing together experts and professors from pedagogical-technological resources units, it provides a fertile ground for experimentation and educational innovation projects for all programmes.
A new portfolio of programmes starting 2014
A new portfolio of programmes, from Undergraduate to Executive Education, will be launched for the start of the new academic year 2014. Among the major innovations is a single Grande Ecole Master programme and a new Bachelor in Business Administration.
·        Bachelor in Business Administration, postgraduate, Reims and Rouen campuses, taught in French.
·        Bachelor in Retail Management, postgraduate, Rouen campus, taught in French.
·        BSc in International Business, postgraduate, Rouen campus, taught in French and English.
·        CESEM, postgraduate, Reims campus, taught in two languages including French.
·        Bachelor TEMA, postgraduate, Reims campus, taught in French.
·        Master Grande Ecole, Reims and Rouen campuses, with specializations specific to each campus.
·        9 Specilaized Masters, taught in French, to train experts.
·        11 Masters of Science, designed for international and French, taught in English.
·        International MBA, one-year programme, full-time, Paris campus.
All Executive Education will continue to be taught at the Paris Executive Campus, with the strengthening of the Executive MBA as well as short, customized non-diploma programmes. Executive Education will also be rolled out internationally.
About NEOMA Business School
NEOMA Business School, is the result of the merger between Rouen Business School and Reims Management School. Jointly managed by its President, Yves Bénard, and its Dean, Frank Bostyn, NEOMA Business School’s ambition is to be ranked among Europe’s best schools and be recognized as the preferred partner of companies. The school, with three campuses in Reims, Rouen and Paris, offers a portfolio of programmes from Bachelor level to Executive Education. Its faculty, which is focused around seven academic departments, counts more than 200 permanent professors. The school has more than 40,000 graduates, based in more than 120 countries worldwide.