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Employees most wanted Employees most wanted: Searching in Social media, niche portals & co.

Social media recruiting, profession-specific job boards, intensive search engine marketing and mobile applications for international recruitment: a colourful variety of exhibitors will be showcasing current recruiting trends at the HRM Expo (Zukunft Personal) from 17th to 19th September 2013. Alongside Xing and LinkedIn, many online job boards and social media consultants, amongst others, will be presenting new products and services.

Online networks are increasingly being used as recruiting tools. Sales trends and new applications show that social media portals are further expanding their share of the recruitment market. More and more social media providers and consultants are therefore using the HRM Expo as a platform to showcase their latest products.

Xing and LinkedIn in a new guise

The "Xing Talentmanager” will be presenting itself in a new guise in time for the HRM Expo. The tool is designed to make it easier for recruiters to approach candidates directly. HR departments can use extensive search, filter and administrative functions and work easily together as a team, sorting interesting candidates with internal notes and work status into project folders and asking colleagues to carry out further processing. In this way recruiters can avoid approaching the same candidate twice. As the Talentmanager is designed as a corporate membership, information gained through research remains at the company's disposal even if a recruiter leaves. In the new version, Xing promises more intuitive usage and improved candidate search features.

The business network LinkedIn has its direct counterpart in form of the "LinkedIn Recruiter”, designed to enable targeted and direct approaches to job candidates. Since early 2013, the application has also been available in German. The global social media platform is now looking to mobile recruiting: globally, 30 percent of visits to the platform now occur on mobile devices. In just a few steps, candidates can use their profile to apply directly for jobs advertised. Since August 2013, this function is also available on mobile devices.

IntraWorlds: New "Talent Sourcer” search engine

IntraWorlds offers the perfect solution to employers who want to combine their Xing and LinkedIn recruitment with their own application portal: the social media recruitment specialists recently released version 6.0 of their talent sourcing and talent relationship tool. The application docks onto open interfaces in social networks, and simultaneously connects to the company's applicant management system. In addition to a new interface which can be easily adapted to the client's corporate design, navigation has changed slightly. The update also includes the new "Talent Sourcer" search engine.

Dr. Martin Heibel, IntraWorlds Managing Director, will be giving a presentation at the fair, explaining the importance of social-media-integrated software in the war for talent. He will demonstrate how employers can use such packages to optimise their recruitment, providing examples of best practice.

Profession-specific job boards are booming

Another trend is the profession-specific focus of recruitment and HR marketing. Many specialised job boards will be presenting their opportunities at Europe's largest HRM trade fair in Cologne for the first time – including StackOverflow Careers 2.0 (programming jobs), ICTjob Germany (online job board for IT professionals) and eFinancialCareers (careers in banking).

On Stack Overflow Careers 2.0, the new job site from one of the most popular programming forums, companies can, for example, not only change job advertisements, but also present themselves as attractive employers: by showing what developmental environments they use, what the office looks like, who applicants will be working with and what benefits are available. Every month more than 20 million programmers worldwide visit this portal – including 1.2 million from Germany.

Big Data is getting bigger

Job boards not focussing on certain professions keep up by offering new additional services. For example, has designed the Smart Reach 2.0 algorithm in order to increase its range of jobs. The technology analyses the success of job offers even while they are still running and responds if necessary. If the job offer is receiving few responses, the display will be delivered a disproportionate number of times to a range of partners during its term. With top placement, companies can find suitable candidates even for difficult-to-fill positions.

Search engine marketing is now in demand not only for employer branding, but also for job advertisements. Gemma Thompson, European Markets Manager for Indeed, will be giving a presentation at the HRM Expo, providing an overview of how businesses can succeed in the struggle for more online attention. She will explain how recruiters can adapt job titles and job descriptions to make them more successful. The recruitment process is shifting for some years now from paper applications to online job applications. Recruiters hoard data, but often do not know how they could utilise it more effectively. Dan Martin, Managing Director of Broadbean Technology, gives numerous procedural guidelines in another talk.

Study on recruiting trends

An annual survey conducted by Monster gives an overview of the latest developments in recruiting. Elke Guhl, responsible for job board marketing in Central Europe, reports on the effect that social media and mobile recruitment have already had in practice, and how companies can make sure they don't miss the boat and successfully reach their target group.