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Graduate positions at top banks


Graduate positions at top banks The secret weapon that gives graduates the know-how to stand out from the crowd
New platform,, lets applicants pick the brains of top professionals one-to-one

With application deadlines looming for the graduate positions at the top banks, consulting and finance firms, it is the time of year when the minds of thousands of university students turns to their next step. Entering these professions is becoming increasingly difficult for candidates who do not already have connections in the industry, but a new online platform, has been launched to connect ambitious candidates with vetted professionals who have already been there and done it.

Through Route in, candidates can arrange confidential meetings, held by phone or video-call, with experienced professionals from their target industries. These meetings can be mock interviews, case study tests or just open and frank discussions giving them better industry insight.

The platform has been launched by former investment banker and business school alumni, Magali McIntyre, who knows exactly what it takes to get through some of the most competitive admission processes. "We created the platform to level the playing field, and give candidates without inside connections access to some of the brightest minds in their field. Through our platform any ambitious candidate now has the tools they need to get into the most prestigious organisations, and by adding value to candidates' preparation, it is revolutionising the way candidates approach recruitment processes."

Magali talks very frankly about the challenges faced by today's high-flying candidates. "Today, candidates have limited opportunities to show their potential, and if you have one shot at the career of your dreams you have to really make it count. I have seen many smart candidates fail in their interviews just because they were ill-prepared and they had never been able to get honest feedback on their performance before."

This unique new service offers candidates access to professionals with experience in the most prestigious firms in investment banking, private equity, management consulting, law and accounting. The professionals in Route in's network are not interview coaches, they are highly-qualified professionals who have been in the industry for many years and have been carefully vetted by Route in's team.

At you can browse profiles of Route in's vetted network members, filter for your industry preference and select the one who best suits your needs. Booking a meeting with an M&A adviser in London, a strategy consultant in Dubai or a private equity professional in Hong-Kong is then just a click away. Professionals set their own rates depending on their experience, background and availability.

In the short time since it launched in January 2013, Route in has been building an impressive network of knowledgeable professionals who have already helped hundreds of new graduates and aspiring professionals take the next step in their career.