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Prodigy Finance Loan Program


ESMT provides innovative financing opportunities for international MBA candidates

·        First MBA program in Germany to offer Prodigy Finance Loan Program
·        Applicants from 150 countries of origin may apply

ESMT European School of Management and Technology is the first business school based in Germany to join the Prodigy Finance Loan Program. The innovative program allows international MBA students to take out loans at a competitive rate to finance their studies. Through the Prodigy platform, investors from the ESMT community of founders, benefactors, and alumni fund full-time MBA students while earning a commercial rate of return. Students are assessed based on their future earning potential, and applicants from 150 countries are eligible to apply.
"This pioneering loan scheme represents a significant step in our endeavor to offer financing options to all candidates accepted into our international MBA program,” said Nick Barniville, Director of MBA Programs at ESMT.
Cameron Stevens, CEO of Prodigy, commented, "We are pleased to welcome ESMT to the group of top business schools with which we work worldwide.” The loan scheme is already in place at INSEAD, Oxford Saïd Business School, London Business School, and other leading universities.
Students admitted to ESMT’s full-time MBA program can apply directly through Prodigy Finance for loans that can cover up to the full cost of tuition. Each student receives a personalized quote with a variable interest rate.
Further details about the loan offering may be found on Prodigy Finance’s website: