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Visa application assistance UK unemployment figures spark increase in visa applications
The recent report from the Office of National Statistics that UK unemployment has risen year on year to 2.52 million coincides with a 15 per cent increase from 2012 in visa applications to emigrate overseas.
79 per cent of people working overseas are now earning more money and are more financially stable than they were living in the UK, and according to Global Visas, a UK business that provides people worldwide with international visa, relocation and immigration services, people make the decision at key times such as labour market announcements to seek employment abroad prompting an influx in job enquiries.
As a result, Global Visas is launching its new product, The International Employment Preparation Service, which aims to ensure that clients are fully prepared for finding their ideal position before emigrating to their chosen country.
The company has partnered with niche employment specialists worldwide to offer clients a bespoke service dedicated to their individual occupational requirements as well as provide a professionally written CV and covering letter service. In addition, Global Visas will supply customers with a handy comprehensive destination guide to help them allocate their budget, understand working arrangements and get to know the country a little more prior to departure.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Gary Smith, global sales and marketing director at Global Visas, says, "With the uncertainty of the unemployment market in the UK, we have seen a trend for people wishing to move abroad for brighter career prospects.  Our new recruitment network and employment services will create a win win scenario – clients will feel reassured that they are put in touch with job specialists offering roles that are specific to their job criteria and experience and, in turn, international recruiters will be provided with a fresh pool of talent.”
Clients send their CVs to trained case managers for evaluation and advice.  This is then reviewed by Global Visas’ recruitment team who have over 10 years of extensive industry experience.  The CV is then sent back to the client for approval and authorisation that they are happy for the company to market it alongside a professionally tailored covering letter with relevant online and offline recruitment companies in the country to which they are migrating. The niche employment firms will then contact the client direct with job opportunities matching their skills and outlined criteria so they can set up interviews.  Although employment is not guaranteed, clients receive a regular feed of relevant jobs from recruiters leaving them to focus on their approach and interview.  Clients will also have access to an online occupation website,, which has linked with Global Visas to aggregate all international job opportunities into one online portal.
The online ‘Global Visas Destination Guides’ provide clients with everything they need to know about moving to the country including visas and permits, working, budgeting, housing, studying, healthcare and laws.

Global Visas was established in 1996 to provide people worldwide with international visa, relocation, immigration and employment services. With offices currently in 10 countries, UK, Canada, Dubai, South Africa, India, The Philippines, Sydney and Singapore, it is now one of the largest visa companies in the world and is growing fast with plans for a further X offices this year. The business employs over 250 full time staff including qualified immigration experts and solicitors, accredited immigration consultants, former immigration officers and support staff.
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