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Embarking on a career break


Embarking on a career break Essential Travel Reports a 43% Increase In Travelling Due to Job Unhappiness and Redundancy
A recent survey by Essential Travel, the UK's leading online travel insurance provider, reveals that in 2013, 54% of people embarking on a career break are now choosing to do so due to unhappiness in their job or redundancy. This is in stark contrast to a survey conducted 12 months ago, where only 11% cited career related reasons. Instead, "seeking adventure" and "fun" were then the top priorities for 77% of respondents. What's more, whereas a year ago the largest age group likely to take a break were the carefree 21-25 years olds (36%), a year later it is more likely to be the 26-30 age group (39%).

The career break has become a serious undertaking and responding to this trend, Essential Travel has created a career break microsite, The Career Gap, gathering together advice from industry experts to help people think through the impact a career break might have on their future, decide what to do, and then how to make the most out of it on your CV.
In response to this growth in older backpackers, Essential Travel has also increased the age range of its Backpacker insurance to 55 to cater for the trend in older backpackers, and reduced Backpacker insurance prices by 15% until 1st September 2013, giving that extra helping hand to wannabee career gappers. Essential Travel are still one of the few backpacker insurance policies that allow a trip home for any reason (wedding, illness, homesickness) over a two year period.
Essential Travel is one of the UK's leading online travel extra providers, providing priority access to the most sought after car parks, hotels and lounges at all major airports across the UK. Essential Travel is now part of Thomas Cook UK, Ireland. For further information visit; or call 0845 803 5434 free.