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Top ranked business schools to launch joint executive Global Reward Management program
Grenoble Ecole de Management, France, Vlerick Business School, Belgium, and ESCP-Europe, Germany, are joining forces to deliver a multi-campus Global Reward Management executive education program, starting January 2014. This new and unique program is designed for professionals wishing to consider new approaches or perspectives for the implementation of their organization’s rewarding policies and practices aligned to the corporate business strategy.

The program is aimed at professionals who have international responsibilities in human resources and/or reward management, working in international firms or in businesses with plans to expand internationally.

Christelle Tornikoski, Professor and academic expert in Global Rewards at Grenoble Ecole de Management said: "More than ever organizations look for global talent sourcing and management solutions to attract, motivate and retain talents in a global context. This has become a prerequisite to any organization’s flexibility to cope with the challenges of globalization. In this context, the role played by rewards is undeniable. Still, their effect in motivating and retaining competent, skilled and knowledgeable employees in a long run seems limited. This program has thus been designed to answer the requests of HR and Reward professionals for new perspectives to apprehend their organization’s global reward strategies and the related change implied by their implementation.”
The 11-day training is delivered based on a combination of practical preparation and academic applied research, covering four main stages delivered in four different European cities, sequentially:
1)      Aligning strategy and reward - Ghent
2)      Driving strategic change and employee behavior - Grenoble
3)      Meeting the challenges of rewarding in a global context - Berlin
4)      Developing, assessing and/or reshaping a reward strategy - Brussels

- The first module (22-25 January 2014) delivered in Ghent, will introduce the Strategic Reward Model helping participants gain insights into the key ingredients for developing, implementing and improving an effective and efficient reward mix in line with the company’s strategy.
- The second module (19-22 March 2014), delivered in Grenoble, will be focused on understanding the employee’s perceptive, as the key starting point for efficiently developing and managing reward systems and strategic change.
- The third module (21-24 May 2014) will be held in Berlin, with participants examining the current practices and trends to meet the challenges of rewarding in a global context, looking into the delicate balance between global standards and local pay practices customs.
- The fourth and final module (18-19 September 2014) will take place in Brussels. Under the guidance of a coach, participants will be invited to develop a reward strategy for their organization or perform an audit on their current reward strategy with the aim of reshaping when necessary. A jury of European reward specialists has been appointed to give them feedback on their work and progress.
Modules will be delivered by faculty of all three Schools and by leading practitioners. Upon completion of the four modules, participants will receive a Certificate in Global Reward Management from the three European Business Schools.
More information about the program here: