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Jobs in Luxembourg


Small Luxembourg offers big opportunities
Luxembourg might be a dwarf country from a geographical point of view but it is a giant in attracting expatriates, especially those from the fellow European countries. In fact, of all the EU member states the record percentage of foreigners in the local population belongs to Luxembourg. There is no big secret behind the country’s magnetic power – it all goes down to available positions. In 2012 the country boasted a healthy job creation of 2.2%.  Taking into consideration that the economic growth of the country is more dynamic in comparison with the rest of the euro area, the future of labour market in Luxembourg looks quite bright.

It takes more than finding Luxembourg on a map with a magnifying glass to be ready to go and work there. What is the official language of the country? How do the recruitment practices in Luxembourg differ from those in your home country? What are the top 5 companies there? Where do you pay taxes in this tiny monarchy? If you do not have answers to these questions, then Expertise in Labour Mobility has a solution for you. An updated career guide book "Looking for work in Luxembourg” contains all the useful information, including insiders’ tips and a sample CV, to get you up and running in the Luxembourgish job market.

After months of research and gathering information from our international correspondents, the ELM team is proud to have updated the guide book to "Looking for work in Luxembourg” 2013 edition. We hope this guide can give its readers insightful inputs on looking for work and the work culture in Luxembourg. This version is part of our project on updating the entire series of our career guides which are available on as well as on our own website