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University partnerships


Salford and RICS join forces to launch Indian school

The University of Salford has signed an agreement to support research, course development and student exchanges with the newly established Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) School of the Built Environment, Amity University in India.

Under the memorandum of understanding signed by RICS, Amity University and Salford in Delhi, the University will bring its world leading expertise in the construction and built environment to India alongside RICS in a venture which is the first of its kind.

The new school will be part of the Amity University and will be based at its campus in the National Capital Region of Delhi. It will teach subjects such as construction management, real estate management and quantity surveying.

Salford will contribute to a number of areas for the new school such as course development and collaborative research.  There will also be opportunities to conduct student and staff exchanges between the two institutions.

Prof Mohammed Arif of the University’s School of the Built Environment has led a significant initiative in India in the last five years. As part of this, Salford has conducted research and several industry outreach workshops and seminars on issues such as green construction, offsite construction and low cost housing. More recently School of the Built Environment has been developing and delivering continuous professional development courses in India with RICS.

With rapid economic growth in India, and an estimated spending on infrastructure to be USD 1 trillion, the country has a fast expanding construction sector and there is currently an acute skills shortage which the RICS school will go some way to addressing when it starts enrolling students in September.

Sean Tompkins, RICS Chief Executive, commented:  "This partnership reflects the ongoing demand for professional standards across the world. Professional skills and standards in land, property and infrastructure are needed on a vast scale if the Indian economy is to provide investor confidence and develop at predicted rates.

"A fully functional, skilled and ethical property sector will be central to this growth. Minister Nath of the Indian government has encouraged this project throughout and once again declared his support for the initiative yesterday [10 April] and we are delighted to be opening the RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University to students in the Autumn.”

University of Salford Vice-Chancellor, Professor Martin Hall said: "Being selected to go into partnership with RICS and Amity University in India is an extremely prestigious step for Salford as we continue to provide global leadership in built environment subject areas.”

"Having worked together well in the past, this new venture opens up significant potential for developing new links between the UK and India and producing research and graduates which benefit both countries.”