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Teaching English abroad


Teaching English abroad

Every year thousands of newly-qualified TEFL teachers put their training into practice in schools and universities all over the world.

The attractions of working abroad are many, and teaching English as a foreign language can be a passport to both a rewarding career and a chance to experience different cultures at close proximity. For those of us looking to become TEFL teachers, courses run by providers such as TEFL England, enable a wide range of people with different educational backgrounds to become successful English language teachers. 

While you will need a TEFL qualification to find a teaching job abroad, you won't necessarily be required to have a degree.  

Armed with a TEFL England accredited qualification, for example, you can teach English abroad between studies or work full time in any number of countries across the world where TEFL teachers are in high demand.

Living and working abroad

As well as doing a job you'll love, teaching and living abroad means you'll experience other cultures - learning about your host country's way of life, customs, traditions and cuisine. You'll also make friends with the locals, which will broaden your outlook on life and be a very positive experience.
There's also the opportunity to travel within your host country and take in the sights - even hopping over to neighbouring countries in your free time.

Remember that your salary when teaching English abroad will usually be tax free, making it a great way to save up, or simply pay off existing debts, such as student loans.

Although you' won't need to speak a foreign language to become a TEFL teacher because all the lessons will be in English, many teachers use their time abroad to learn a new language. Living abroad allows you to immerse yourself in your host country's society, and it's surprising how quickly you'll pick up words and phrases. What's more, the locals will be more than willing to help you learn their language.

TEFL England graduates Emma and Chris now teach English in Vietnam. The couple have combined their work teaching young learners with extensive travel in the region. Read about their incredible experiences here to get a flavour of what it's like to live and work abroad. You can read more about former TEFL England students who have gone on to teach English abroad here.

Find out more about TEFL England's courses and TEFL job opportunities abroad or call one of our TEFL experts on 0800 988 8200.