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Jobs at car component manufacturers


Lubomir Sedlak reports on automotive manufacturing in Czech Republic

A local supplier to Czech OEMs is spark plugs maker Brisk where graduates account for 12% of employees.

"We are looking for such people all the time, mainly via our website and personnel agencies,” informs its HR director Milada Markvartová, adding that they are also in contact with universities but the problem has lately been that her counterparts among Brisk‘s managers have begun to require besides theoretical knowledge also practice.

Another car parts maker in Czech Republic is the multinational Hella. It has one company involved in production, another in research and yet another in e.g. IT, finances and HR activities.

"Graduates in these companies account for seventy, five and fifty-eight percent of total workforce, respectively,” says Jaroslav Axler from Hella’s personnel department. The company has at present 29 vacancies for such people and in next two years would like to expand its research team by between 100 and 150 further graduates.

A foreign manufacturer of car components in the Czech Republic is Denso of Japan (which supplies air-condition units.

"Graduates account for between eight and nine percent of our employees,” says Tomás Kratochvíl from the HR section, noting that further young university-educated people are always welcome to join Denso if they have sufficient theoretical knowledge and a good command of English language plus motivation. The manufacturer itself searches for graduates at for instance a job fair held at the country’s Technical University in Liberec.

A major supplier to the automotive industry in Czech Republic is Brano which makes for instance car locks.

Only slightly over seven percent of its employees are graduates, according to the company’s HR Director Miloslava Vecerková who says that as far as looking for these young people is concerned, Brano would in future like to focus especially on direct search at the universities.

As a problem that her company faces regarding graduates, she mentions an insufficient command of a foreign language but also, surprisingly enough, of technical expertise, as well as little enthusiasm to make the most of their education


Jan Reichl, a recent graduate at ČKD Kompresory shares his experience


When did you join the company?

In September 2012 but before that, I have been working there for two years part-time.

What is your current position?

Doing calculations related to thermodynamic designs of radial turbo-compressors. 

Where did you study?

At Czech Technical University in Prague, a subject called Energy Machines and Appliances, focusing on compressors, pumps and refrigerating devices.

Why did you decide to be a part-timer during your studies at namely ČKD Kompresory?

It was recommended to me by one of my university professors.   

What experience have you gained at your work you so far?

I got to know the process of compressing gas in practise because at the university they taught me mainly the theory.