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Go hard or go home’, deVere Group boss tells graduate recruits


Go hard or go home’, deVere Group boss tells graduate recruits

"Go hard or go home” – that’s what a seasoned financial services industry professional of 30 years is telling those currently joining the sector.

As his firm launches a pioneering, global graduate programme, Nigel Green, chief executive of the deVere Group, the world’s largest independent financial advisory firm, says new recruits looking to earn big money without "giving it all they have”, would nowadays be better off finding an alternative career.

He comments: "The world has changed in the past five years, thanks to a global recession and economic uncertainty, meaning that people expect more than ever before.

"Providing fantastic products and flawless service is no longer enough. Clients, rightly, demand that those of us in the financial services sector continually go the ‘extra mile’. 

"Advisers need to work harder than they perhaps have ever done to truly add value to their clients’ lives, to make them more successful. 

"But the flip side is that as the industry becomes ever-more globalised, it’s becoming increasingly dynamic, more accessible, and offering more and more exciting opportunities for those advisers who are enthusiastic, committed and results-driven.

"More work? Definitely.  More benefits?  Without doubt.” 

He adds: "Those joining the industry in today’s climate need to be prepared to work harder than those who joined a decade ago, for example, but the rewards are in abundance like never before for those who do.

"That’s why I say to graduates who join deVere Group, 'go hard or go home'.”

Officially launched last week, the deVere Group Graduate Programme, dubbed ‘a fast-track route to success’, is an intensive, international scheme which starts with a substantial foundation period at the firm’s support centre in Malta.  Graduates then undertake additional training, complete with formal industry qualifications, at one of the deVere Academies in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Istanbul, Malaga, Moscow or New York.

Within two years, the graduates will be fully-fledged financial advisers or investment brokers.

"If those coming into the industry today are prepared to dedicate themselves, aim high, and always put their clients first, the financial services sector will allow them to build an incredible career,” reaffirms Mr Green.