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Lloyds Banking Group apprenticeships


National Apprenticeship Programme expanded to 1,000

Building on the early success of its 2012 National Apprenticeship pilot programme, Lloyds Banking Group has announced its intention to expand the programme to a 1,000 apprentices for 2013.
Since October 2012, the Group has seen over 400 apprenticeships undertaken. For the first time, the Group is also announcing its intention to introduce Higher Apprenticeships.
The nationwide Apprenticeship Programme helps the Group further deliver a skilled and motivated workforce by providing nationally recognised qualifications for both existing colleagues and new joiners. The programme also helps the Group further underscore its continued commitment to invest in the long-term economic future of the UK and the communities in which it operates. Indeed, according to the National Audit Office, every £1 of public investment in apprenticeships delivers a return of £18 to the wider economy.
Kate Guthrie, HR Director, Capability & Engagement for Lloyds Banking Group said:
"We are incredibly excited to be in a position to further invest in the Apprenticeship Programme. Building people’s skills and aspirations can make a real impact in tackling youth employment by providing many young people with their vital first real career opportunity. As one of the biggest employers in the UK our goal is to create a new generation of skilled worker to help Britain prosper.”
About Apprenticeships
The government is actively encouraging financial and professional services firms to set up apprenticeship schemes aimed primarily at 16 – 24 year olds.
Apprenticeships should prove attractive to people who haven’t had the benefit of a higher level education including school leavers who want to follow a profession and gain qualifications but do not want to go to university.
Lloyds Banking Group Apprenticeship

  • New apprentices join straight into permanent roles
  • New apprentices receive full pay and benefits equivalent to other new joiners
  • Apprentices become part of a supported community – created especially to guide them through their apprenticeship which includes an on-line hub hosting a forum and news channel