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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs scheme


Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs scheme

Budding business stars given chance to explore Europe for ideas

Budding entrepreneurs are being urged to join a European exchange scheme that has already helped thousands of business start-ups.

About 1,300 new entrepreneurs seeking advice and support before setting up their own business, or new businesses that have been trading for less than three years, have been placed with a host company in an EU country of their choice since the scheme began in 2009.

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Group has been managing and helping to promote the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs scheme since May last year.

Chamber International projects co-ordinator Amerdeep Mangat said: "There is a wide range of benefits, but initially the programme helps an entrepreneur on to the first steps of the ladder to success.

"Rather than new entrepreneurs having to face situations which may jeopardise the future of their business, the programme allows them to explore innovative ideas before putting them into practice by learning from the knowledge and experience of a veteran business owner who would have faced similar situations in the past.”

The programme offers up to six months on-the-job training while learning from an experienced business mentor in another EU country. 

Activities can include market research and developing new business opportunities; project development, innovation and R&D; understanding SME finance and branding, sales and marketing. All activities are agreed prior to the commencement of the placement.

Amerdeep said: "We are also looking for owners of small or medium sized enterprises or a person directly involved in entrepreneurship at board level, who could host a new upcoming entrepreneur from another EU country.

"There are infinite opportunities offered by the Single Market and by accommodating a New Entrepreneur the host will be able to work with a committed individual who will contribute new ideas and views to the business.

"Not only would this improve the host’s knowledge of foreign markets it will also improve future growth potential. It is also possible that this exchange could lead to future cross-EU co-operation opportunities.

European Commission vice president Antonio Tajani, responsible for enterprise and industry policy, said: "During these difficult economic times we need to unlock the huge potential of start-up entrepreneurs and stimulate them to take the final step and set up a new enterprise. They gain an opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues so that their business ideas can become a reality.

"We need more SMEs to get out of the current crisis. They are creating the most new jobs and are the driving force of our economy.”

For more information contact Amerdeep on 0044 (0)121 607 0105 or email

To apply, visit the website at