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E.ON Pension Plan


E.ON to use Benefex Auto-Enrolment solution for all UK employees 
E.ON has confirmed that it has chosen Enroller™, Benefex’s auto-enrolment solution, to manage the end to end process of auto-enrolment within their UK organisation and on 1st April will launch Pensions Auto Enrolment to its 12,000 employees.
Having always promoted and encouraged pension membership, the company is taking a positive and proactive approach to pensions auto-enrolment by enrolling all its employees onto the E.ON Pension Plan. This new population includes 3,500 current non-members.
Ant Donaldson, Senior HR Specialist for Employee Benefits at E.ON UK said: "We’ve always been very active promoters and believers in pensions and over the last few years we’ve consistently increased take up of our pension scheme through our flexible benefits plan. Through financial education we’ve also worked to ensure our employees understand their scheme, their fund choices and what it means to save for retirement.
"Last year we achieved the Pensions Quality Mark Plus which helped to reinforce the quality of our scheme and auto-enrolment now provides a real opportunity to engage our employees in long term savings and our pension plans. Integrating auto-enrolment with our flexible benefits scheme and total reward statements makes perfect sense and helps keep things on a single platform, which our employees value.”
Chris Osborne, E.ON’s Pensions Policy Manager said: "Benefex have been able to offer us a complete solution, encompassing the entire auto-enrolment process, not just software to help us run it, with the means to ensure data accuracy and compliance. That, coupled with employee support, helpdesk and communications has enabled us to focus on the overall strategy, making sure our employees appreciate the importance of planning for the long term.”
E.ON will use Enroller™, an integrated module within Benefex’s award winning RewardHub™ portal, to manage all aspects of their auto-enrolment process. In addition, all related administration, employee support calls and communications will be managed by Benefex.
Matt Waller, Founder and CEO of Benefex said: "The team at E.ON have looked to do some very exciting things in response to the auto enrolment challenge. A great pension plan, coupled with engaging communications and a simple way for their employees to be enrolled and make decisions relevant to them, means that E.ON can reap the benefits of their investment in workplace savings and education. It has been great to work with a team who are not only focused on being compliant but also on creating real benefit for their organisation and employees.”