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Master of Science in International Tourism


Rouen Business School Launches Master of Science in International Tourism
The full-time one year program taught in English teaches the specificities of the tourism industry, delivering the managerial skills and organizational measures needed to achieve a high-level career in a complex and highly competitive sector.
International tourism: an industry in turmoil
In recent years the international tourism industry has experienced strong growth, and is today one of industry’s biggest recruiters.
Increased competition, the number of people traveling increasing steadily, increasing customer demands in terms of quality of services, the need to develop a marketing strategy. Graduates hoping to work in tourism must now differentiate more than ever, competing on creativity and professionalism, maintaining their attractiveness in a growing sector where personalized service and originality have become essential.
Training future professionals to meet the current challenges of the sector, the Master of Science in International Tourism will focus on specific economic and managerial international tourism and highlight the major trends of the sector (e-tourism, ecotourism, cultural tourism , etc.). All strategic disciplines will be addressed such as: funding tourism projects, international tourism law, event management and marketing applied to international tourism.
The alternation of theory and practice at the heart of education
The Master of Science in International Tourism is taught by both teachers and researchers of the Faculty of Rouen Business School but as well as by a team of  international tourism experts.
As with each program at Rouen Business School, alternating between academic and professional profiles will ensure the adequacy of educational content with both the latest market trends and new marketing management practices in the sector.
In addition, several "field experiences" punctuate the course:
- Case studies allowing students to work on real problems encountered in the sector
- A "Business Tourism" simulation which will take place at the end of the course mobilizes students and staff
At the end of the course, students will complete a mandatory internship of 4 to 6 months, which will be accompanied by a professional thesis.
The Master of Science in International Tourism is aimed at both French and international students with a Bachelor Degree or equivalent training. Professionals with experience in the field may also apply.