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Improving the employability of graduates


Career Camel – carrying students across the gap from education to employment
Recent data for 2012 shows only 62% of graduates were in employment after six months of leaving university. Career Camel a new website is set to change that by improving the employability of young people.

The site offers a number of tools to help students prepare for and find employment including an internship/work experience job board, academic "Camel Competitions” for students to display their abilities to employers and a free CV builder which has already received interest from over 350 educational institutions.

The site differs from other recruitment and job sites, as rather than solely offering a list of job vacancies, it helps users to develop their CVs, gain experience through internships and work placements and has links to professional development courses, thereby fully equipping job seekers for the recruitment process that lies ahead.

In addition, the site offers a number of tangible benefits for companies. There are no charges to post internship, work experience and apprenticeship opportunities and companies can take advantage of the CV filtering service and free Career Camel tests to help assess students. Companies will no longer be inundated with hundreds of emails with CV attachments, as instead these are all accessible on-line.

Career Camel, sponsored by The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), is being launched by Michael Foote, a 26 year old entrepreneur, and his business partner, 25 year old, Daniel Larkin. Since being friends at school, both Michael and Daniel have aimed to launch a business together.

Michael Foote, MD says: "I wanted to create a business that is not only successful in monetary terms, but one that also helps people. Assisting students and young people to gain employment in tough economic circumstances seems to me to be a worthy venture.
I believe that getting industry experience early on is essential to help young people understand how and where to develop their careers and it is great to be able to play a part in helping them secure the work experience and internships that they need.”
When asked about the inspiration behind the name, Michael reveals: "The job market can feel like a desert and we, the camel, can carry you through.”