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Telecom Business School


Telecom Business School Founded in 1979, Telecom Business School has a renowned expertise in information technologies. Accredited by AACSB and AMBA, Telecom Business School is ranked 41st in the Financial Times global ranking of the best international Master's in Management programs. Telecom Business School is part of Institut Mines-Télécom, the leading group of engineering schools in France, under the supervision of the French Ministry of Economics, Industry, and Finance. Telecom Business School has 1,200 students, 76 full-time faculty members and over 5,000 graduates.

Gilbert Réveillon, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Telecom Business School shares his views on education, social media and management

Has social media had an impact on education?
It does have an impact in several ways as any industry and any company are today impacted as well ... therefore education had to integrate it with in order to deliver ahead of competition new employment capabilities for our graduates. Contents for instance tailored to Community Managers dealing Social Media strategies are new jobs and our engagement to higher education helped us to fulfill the gaps in the market place. Social Networks are part of creating, integrating and measuring performance on top of traditional teaching methodology. We can witness the degree of integration of these contents in student projects but also in our incubator applications and startup creations up to SMEs being successful in several fields of social media businesses.

What are your views on social responsibility in ITC?
As a leading higher education business school we take our share in assuming responsible answers linked to ICT and activities to improve quality of life for the society, our local communities and stakeholders. Carbon footprint is one of them being international or national exposure of our programmes. Obviously environmental approaches to technology tools requires to integrate sustainable development priorities, the full spectrum of waist management of electronic appliances and lifecycle of products, with hardware and software reuse roadmaps etc. We can't pass to next generations to deal with our decisions.
Digitalization is embedded in many more industries than ever and consciousness among our graduates and staff is very high.

What do you think the future holds for e-marketing and e-business management?
e-marketing and e-business management are the next big thing after the technology revolution. Marketing and CMOs are the next trigger to agile organisations. Mixing engineering alumni to management alumni brings a new wealth of expertise and distinctive competitiveness. We pride ourselves to be the biggest engineering and management school in France.