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Social Media Jobs Social Media savvy individuals are in demand. All types of businesses, from marketing agencies to PR agencies, start-ups and even well recognised brands are all on the hunt for those that are well attuned or hungry to learn about the digital landscape. If you’re a graduate unsure of where your future lies, you may have already come across many advertised positions titled "Social Media” executive, manager or even planner in your job search. Graduating not long ago and now working in Social Media, Chris Mead has a few tips to help you on your way.

Understanding Social Media
The last thing you want to do is browse a job description and realise that you’re made for the job solely because you Tweet a fair bit, participate on Facebook and browse Reddit. Being digitally social by nature doesn’t guarantee you the job! Ask yourself whether you’d be prepared to manage large communities online by conversing with them daily? You also need to realise and ask yourself if you want a career in digital marketing – as this is essentially what awaits you (except its more dynamic, modern and engaging!)

Get ahead – do your homework
You’re going to be confronted with terms and jargon associated with marketing that you may not have been aware of previously. You can do yourself a huge favour by learning what metrics, KPIs and ROI mean before you go to an interview. You’ll also benefit from trying out tools used frequently by Social Media professionals like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck – they’re free!

Explore on your own
You’ll want to show your employer you know your stuff. The great thing about Social Media is that you can learn on your own (ironic right?).  If a friend’s business requires a Facebook page, why not offer to set it up for them? It’ll give you valuable experience and is something you can put on your CV.
It’s important to also explore and learn about social media channels you may not have considered previously – like Pintrest, Flickr and Reddit.

Understand brands
What I’d also suggest is to check out some of your favourite brands and see how they’ve done Social Media. A world famous example is Skittles, who created a flagship campaign that others aspire to.
Before you know it you’ll start to see things differently and unpick the strategies they’ve used while gaining invaluable knowledge, all in time for your interview.

Chris Mead is social media account executive at Tug Agency and blogs on social networking,  online marketing and careers. Follow his blog here <> .