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Teaching English abroad


Teaching English abroad For those who want to travel but also need to gain valuable work experience, teaching English abroad is a viable option. The only prerequisite is a native or near-native level of English speaking and no experience is necessary. This type of experience will boost your CV enormously and allow for you to acquire widely transferrable skills in organising, planning, management and communication - not to mention in English grammar. Those in possession of a degree are in an extremely strong position in the TEFL industry, especially for work in Asia. Japan, China and South Korea are top of the table when it comes to the most sought after TEFL destinations, according to a recent survey carried out amongst approximately 3000 people from all over the UK. Many employers will even provide accommodation or offer flight reimbursements - sometimes both – making this a very inexpensive travel option.
Around 78% of TEFL England course graduates go on to teach English abroad soon after becoming qualified. A TEFL qualification can be gained in a course which is completed entirely online, entirely in the classroom or through a course which combines both elements. This is a fantastic way to gain employment and see the world, even if only for a short while. Not only important for CV, employment and work experience purposes, TEFL offers the opportunity to undergo vast self-development in some amazing and very unfamiliar places. One TEFL graduate named Rebecca (originally from Kirkcaldy in Scotland) who is currently volunteering in Tamil Nadu, India, said:
"I think it is possible that I am starting to lose (no, not my mind, although some might beg to differ) but my Westerner’s eye, and I’m beginning to see life through Indian eyes.”
The English language is an extremely important factor in the economic development of many countries across the world. This kind of job is unlike any other and allows one to become fully immersed in a new and exciting culture. What better way to experience the world and its diversity than by embracing life in the very heart of a foreign community?
TEFL England, which also includes TEFL Scotland, TEFL Wales and TEFL Courses Ireland, is a training organisation that provides various classroom and online courses in teaching English as a foreign language. They are the most highly accredited TEFL provider in the UK.
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