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Tourism courses



The University of Westminster’s Tourism and Planning BA Honours and Tourism Management MA courses have been formally recognised by the Tourism Management Institute (TMI) which promotes and develops tourist destinations in the UK and worldwide.

The endorsement from the TMI highlights the high level of the course content and the skills of the lecturing team who are comprehensive, innovative, and grounded in practice.  The courses (one at undergraduate level, the other at masters level) are aimed at students who are interested in pursuing strategic roles in the industry in planning or policy development, at national, city or resort level. 

Simon Curtis, Senior Lecturer, who joined the Westminster tourism team in 2011 after over 20 years of destination management practice in the UK, said: "This new certification is recognition that these two tourism courses are both academically robust and reflective of what is really happening in the complex and fascinating world of tourism management at destination level. The blend of practical experience and research excellence which our tourism staff offer to students is a real strength for us - we are very proud of this achievement.

"The accreditation from TMI separates the University of Westminster apart from its competitors by offering a breadth of teaching and management experience in the tourism industry that is second to none.”

The TMI assessors commented: "We recommend that TMI formally approve this recognition application from the University of Westminster on the basis that both programmes enable students to develop an appropriately contextualised and critical understanding of the principles, practices and complexities of contemporary tourism and destination management. We would have no hesitation in recommending either of these courses to someone interested in destination tourism at either undergraduate or Masters level and wanting to be academically challenged.”

The TMI is the UK professional body for destination management practitioners, with members drawn from all levels of the private and public sectors: national, regional, and local.  As the destination management partner of the Tourism Society, TMI seeks to support professional development within the sector, for potential entrants as well as existing practitioners.