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Moscow Decent Work conference


Moscow Decent Work conference opens with calls for growth and jobs

Collective international action is needed for economic recovery, says ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, at a landmark ILO-Russia Decent Work conference.

MOSCOW– The two-day ILO-Russia Decent Work Conference has opened with a call for action on growth and jobs.

"The challenge facing the G20 is to build a programme of action for growth and jobs to which each country is committed because it meets a domestic priority, and which also contributes to collective international action that sets off a virtuous circle of recovery,” ILO Director-General
Guy Ryder said.

Some 900 high-level representatives from 80 countries are attending the conference which, among other issues, will discuss the impact of globalization on labour markets and labour standards.

Noting that Russia is taking over the G20 Presidency, Ryder added: "I am absolutely convinced that Russia will play a key role in pursuing the progress accomplished by previous G20 Presidencies and fully take on board the labour and employment policies that are an essential part of the response to economic crisis.”

"Together, here in Moscow, we can send out very important messages: that whatever the difficulties, the ILO stays firm in its commitment to social justice and to decent work. Because it is precisely these values, unchanging, which show us the way out of this crisis as they have out of past crises.”

The ILO Director-General reminded delegates of the current crisis seriously affecting Europe, and its social model. He welcomed the opportunity given by the Conference to discuss "how to limit the contagion effects of a highly endangered Social Model for development”.

The opening ceremony also heard speeches by Olga Golagets, Deputy Prime Minister; Maxim Topilin, Russian Minister for Labour and Social Protection; Alexander Shohin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), and Mikhail Shmakov, Chair of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR).

The Conference – organized by the Russian government with support from the ILO – marks a new and strategic era of cooperation between the Russian Federation and the organization.

Both sides have also signed a series of agreements aimed at further promoting decent work, helping developing countries improve the delivery of skills for employment, and youth employment.