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Masters in Digital Marketing


The International University of Monaco launches program to respond to changes in the job market
The internet has changed the way businesses interact with each other and their customers forever. From the smallest start-ups to the largest conglomerates, companies are now able develop their activities internationally with relative ease. Web sites which used to serve as little else but shop windows have become the true engine for national and international business development. Online marketing is no longer an afterthought in a firm’s marketing strategy; it is a fundamental and essential component in its continuing development.
Recent research has shown however that there are still too few people who are capable of understanding the complex mechanisms which can be used to leverage a company’s presence on the internet.
In order deal with this skills shortage in the market, the International University of Monaco (IUM) has launched a Masters in Digital Marketing program for 2012.
Stéphane Cozzo, entrepreneur and Director of the Masters in Digital Marketing at IUM, explains that according to a study by McKinsey & Company in the last 15 years the internet has created more than 700,000 jobs in France, with a further 450,000 to be created by 2015.
The purpose of the new course is to help students to acquire the specific knowledge needed to adapt to this growing domain; one which is in perpetual evolution.
"First of all there are the basics and techniques of project management to master. Once they have grasped the fundamentals, they must learn to apply them”, explains Mr. Cozzo.
"Today, there are experts specialized only in one specific domain; for example web designers or programmers. With this Masters, we want to train co-ordinators who will have a more general and complete knowledge of all the different tools available today”, he adds.
The theoretical foundations of the Masters in Digital Marketing are complemented by practical studies such as internships and individual projects, in partnership with renowned companies.
"It has been crucial to include in the course a practical dimension in order to make the students fully ‘operational’ when they graduate” continued Mr. Cozzo, himself a former director of a web agency.
65% of the professors for the course are consultants who specialize in fields such as web marketing, social networks, mobile marketing, social and serious gaming, project management for online projects (using Agile), emerging online economic models, IT and internet law and others.
The students will have the opportunity to participate in specialized conferences on digital marketing and will also be invited to visit partner organizations in Monaco, Sophia-Antipolis, Paris and London.
The program, taught in English, will only be open to twenty students; in order to create "one dynamic group” explains Mr. Cozzo. The course has already attracted applications from around the world, including India, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Singapore, and France.
The course is aimed at giving managers the diverse range of skills required to deal with the variety of challenges a company now faces when dealing with its digital marketing activities. The new managers will be eligible for key jobs such as social network managers, multimedia project management, web marketing and e-commerce manager or entrepreneur in web 2.0.
The students will also be able to choose from among a large collection of job and internship opportunities in Monaco and abroad thanks to the university’s own network dedicated to international career development.
Practical Information
To apply for the Masters in Digital Marketing for entry in January 2013, students must possess a 3 or 4 year university degree.
The Masters in Digital Marketing takes place over a period of 12 months; 6 months of core and specialized subjects and a six-month internship.
Applications for enrollment are open until 20th December for the courses beginning January 2013.
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