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The importance of blogging for creative graduates


With mounting pressure on the graduate job market even the most ambitious university leavers are struggling to find work let alone their dream job. In July 2012 it was reported that as many as one in five UK graduates were out of work Post University and further research has also revealed that 12% of media graduates were presumed unemployed.The stark reality is that those wishing to enter the more creative fields of media and fashion require an array of work experience and often additional qualifications.
According to recent research a large proportion of graduates seeking to enter the ever competitive media industry often take on part time roles in order to build a portfolio before applying for a vocational role. For those seeking to enter the fashion industry unpaid internships are also viewed as necessary if not mandatory. Of course, for some this is a sensible option that could eventually lead to bigger and better things. However, for those who suffer from mounting debts this is far from a realistic approach. It is widely recognised that current graduates are being forced to lower their job expectations and take on jobs that will pay the bills. But is it really necessary for creative graduates to stop chasing the dream? The answer is no and the solution for many could be blogging.
There is no doubt that blogging has enjoyed a considerable boom in recent years with many successful writers, stylists and designers even forging a career through their blogs. However, the bottomless pit of blogging guides which fill the internet can be daunting for many graduates and even the most imaginative graduate may fail to create a professional looking blog that will really stand out. It has also been reported that most bloggers quit during the first two to three months of starting up. Of course there are many reasons for this – a lack of inspiration, motivation or simply time. It has been drummed into us that thrashing out as much topical content is crucial to a blog’s success but for graduates who are working 40 hours a week this can prove difficult, if not impossible. Graduates seeking to enter the media or fashion industry who have started a blog may also find that their blogs hold little value in the real world due to the fact that "god and his mother” are now competing for the best blog on the web.
So how can creative graduates seeking to build a portfolio through blogging do so in an effective way? The answer may be to latch onto an existing website that will really give a blog's content clout. Certain websites are enabling graduates to set up their own blogs on their sites to discuss their own experiences in the current job market. Of course this is highly commendable, however for those seeking to showcase a more creative and diverse range of material this isn’t the ideal platform.
This is where the inspiring fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle website comes in. Not only does the website offer unique perspectives from professional writers and industry insiders but crucially the equally important "community” aspect to the website provides undiscovered talent with the opportunity to get their work published professionally.
Dualshow editor-in-chief, Lorelei Marfil, said, "The community section of our website offers an open platform for undiscovered individuals including graduates to showcase their work and gain exposure whilst drawing inspiration from professionals and other like minded individuals.”  
As the fastest growing fashion based community network, could certainly provide aspiring fashion writers, designers and stylists with a profound opportunity. However, the wealth of context which the website encompasses provides those wishing to cover anything from health tips, photography and gadget reviews with the ideal opportunity to do so. Ultimate flexibility is also provided to contributors by allowing them to post at their convenience, with no obligation to submit regular posts. However, as a website filled with engaging content contributors are more likely to want to have their say and reap the benefits of professionally published material.
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