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Online TEFL courses


There has been a huge rise in online learning across dozens of subjects and disciplines in recent years, right up to post-graduate degree levels. Online tuition has a proven track record of being an excellent way to learn new subjects. It's therefore no surprise that more people than ever before are following this convenient route when training for their first TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) job.


TEFL England is a training organisation that offers multiple online TEFL course options. Through a combination of specialist modules, a personal tutor to assist you throughout your studies and a flexible learning environment, this method of online tuition is a powerful, effective and fast way to qualify for your dream TEFL job abroad.


Many combine their online studies with classroom-based courses; although with TEFL you can study exclusively online if that is preferred. Online learning allows students to consolidate and develop what they have been taught in their classroom coursework, giving them a more rounded perspective on the English teaching issues raised. A great opportunity for living, working and travelling in some of the most amazing countries on the planet, online TEFL makes for efficient course completion.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of learning online is the sheer convenience.  Not just with TEFL courses but will all online courses, you can study at a time that suits you, often from the comfort of your own home - in the evening after the kids have gone to bed, or over the weekend when you have some free time from your current job or studies. Smart TEFL even allows for you to complete your course via your smartphone, tablet of other web-enabled device.


Contrary to what many might think, online learning does not have to be a solitary experience, as regular contact with tutors and forum discussions amongst fellow learners is very common and is widely encouraged. This virtual school and learning environment is only predicted to grow. A representative from TEFL England stated:


"An increasing number of people are choosing to learn via the internet, and although the majority of our TEFL students want to go abroad and teach, many are now looking to use their TEFL qualification to work as a TEFL teacher online. The emphasis on online learning and teaching is becoming far more prominent.


Education and access to education is involving, and TEFL is just one of the many options one has when it comes to making the most of online courses.


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