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Jobs at Harris Pye



When times are good, companies need to invest, and that is just what the Harris Pye Group, the global maritime, offshore oil and gas and associated onshore industrial engineering company, is doing – investing in people, and thus strengthening the company. They are looking for ten engineering graduates to join them at their headquarters in Barry, South Wales.

"Our turnover as a whole has trebled since 2007, and grown by almost 50% in the last financial year (2010/2011), and we are eager to invest in the long term future of our new graduate intake, as well as the  eight graduates we have taken on in the past four years,” says Mark Prendergast, Harris Pye Group’s Managing Director. "Over that period we have also sponsored nine undergraduates at Liverpool John Moores, Swansea, Plymouth, Glasgow, and South Tyneside universities. It is a real honour to be able to contribute in this way.”

Group Technical Director, Chris David explains: "We are particularly looking for mechanical, electrical and structural engineering graduates. With global expansion and manufacturing facilities and offices around the world we can certainly promise them a challenging and rewarding career. Those interested in joining us should contact”

It is not only graduates who find their horizons broadening thanks to Harris Pye. The same is true of four welding apprentices who, having completed their four year apprenticeships, are now embarking on a training programme to become boiler inspectors. This new four-year training programme will see them shadowing Harris Pye experts at home and overseas.

"No course exists, they will learn by seeing and doing, and travelling the world with our experts,” says Chris David. "We congratulate them on finishing their apprenticeships and look forward to seeing their careers blossom. It is an honour to work for a company that believes investing in people – particularly young people – is a priority.”

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