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Most wanted skills in financial services



eFinancialCareers has looked at what financial services firms and recruiters are searching for over the past three months, and reveals today the top 10 most wanted skills in financial services in the UK. What it shows it that specialist programming languages top the list, and by some distance.
Financial services firms in the UK are looking for strong programming and database skills to keep their real-time banking and trading systems up and running.   The C languages are the most sought-after. They allow speed of execution, support large quantities of data and enable firms do to a lot of simulation and modeling.  Tackling latency is of primary importance, with programmers using every last tool and trick in the book to squeeze out every last second of performance.

Top 10 searches on eFinancialCareers UK, June-August 2012
  1. Programming Languages & Databases
  2. Risk
  3. Accounting
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Audit
  6. Compliance & Regulatory
  7. Equities
  8. Project Manager
  9. Sales
  10. Quantitative

Programming languages & databases = C, Java, C++, C#, PHP, VBA, Python,
Javascript, Perl, Ruby, SQL, .NET, oracle.
Source: eFinancialCareers
"In today’s environment, banks need to restructure and control costs in order to compete.  Technology is at the heart of global competitiveness and has become a deciding factor in the long term future of every bank,” comments James Bennett, Global Managing Director of eFinancialCareers.

City firms are also looking for techies who have experience in one key business area: risk management.  Risk management is about identifying and assessing risks and modeling what could be the impact on those risks under changing conditions. These risk management skills are getting more important in light of financial reform, compliance and additional reporting requirements.

"IT job postings are the largest sectors on eFinancialCareers, and the shift to program and algorithmic means that the future of finance is increasingly reliant on technology and risk control,” concludes Bennett.