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The importance of standing out through your CV


The importance of standing out through your CV

It's September. By now, many are probably realising that graduate jobs can be hard to come by. We're all aware of it, and it doesn't get any easier as a graduate to accept the struggles and frustration that come along with the job hunt. Various economic pitfalls in unpaid work experience, a squeeze on employment vacancies and a huge amount of competition from others in the same position means that graduates from all over the UK are in a position of limbo.

In most cases, years of studying have resulted in huge graduate debt - some shockingly high - and the lack of opportunity is undoubtedly affecting the confidence and ambition levels of the young adults involved.

The general freeze in recruitment means that they simply must look for work experience or placements to gain important skills and add to their CV in the hope that they'll stand out to employers. Some may look to travel and get away; reassessing their life and career path.

TEFL England, a training organisation who provide courses in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) are stressing the importance of trying different courses for people looking to earn money, travel and get involved in work experience. A representative from the company stated:

"This is something we see as really important at the moment. People everywhere simply can't find work. Our courses allow people to go abroad, teach English and have the time of their life, whilst developing transferrable skills that are widely recognised by employers and admission officers.'

The importance of standing out through your CV by including interesting and unusual experiences is enormous.  Paid work as an English teacher isn't the only option, as there are many volunteering options in which you can get back to basics and make a real difference to communities who very much need your help as many countries see the English language as key in their international development.

In grasping this opportunity, or any work experience opportunity, graduates can develop themselves and their future prospects. Standing out against others is now a necessity and working as an English teacher for a while can help you to do just that - it just happens to be a bonus if you can have the experience of a lifetime along the way.