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IT Employers for Women


FDM Group named in the Top Ten IT Employers for Women

The UK’s largest IT graduate employer, FDM Group, has been placed in the ‘Top Ten IT Employers for Women’ in 2012!
Compiled by trendence, one of Europe’s leading recruitment research consultancies and the resource behind the prestigious Guardian UK 300, the survey reveals the top IT employers for women as voted for by the female proportion of over 16,000 students.
Last year the international IT services provider launched its Women in IT campaign, which aims to encourage and support women in business and IT. Spearheaded by FDM’s Chief Operating Officer, Sheila Flavell, the campaign derived from the shocking research by e-skills, which found that only 18% of the IT sector is female.
Flavell, who was recently awarded ‘Corporate Leader of the Year’ at the everywoman in Technology Awards, said upon hearing the news, "I am thrilled that students have recognised FDM as a leading IT employer for women. I feel that is my duty as a woman in IT to share my experiences and wholeheartedly encourage others to do the same. Our women in IT campaign was launched for students and it’s great to see that they are taking an interest in a sector they might not have considered before.”
As part of the ongoing initiative, FDM holds regular ‘Women in IT Advantage Sessions,’ which offer the opportunity for women who are interested in pursuing an IT career to network with industry professionals and gain insight into what their professional future might have in store for them.
Each session includes presentations delivered by female IT professionals and covers topics such as the importance of networking, confidence and determination as well as showcasing the diverse range of roles available within the sector. Every event closes with a round of networking, giving guests the opportunity to forge relationships with other like-minded women that could support them throughout their careers.
As part of the campaign, FDM has introduced a ‘Female Champions’ initiative, which ensures that every woman in the organisation who would like a mentor to support her professional growth is given the opportunity.
Boasting a female majority across its management team, FDM is committed to championing women in IT worldwide at a time when research has revealed that 70% of technology leaders believe they are missing vital skills due to low female representation*.
For more information about FDM’s women in IT campaign, please visit