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Stand out in the finance sector with a postgraduate degree


Stand out in the finance sector with a postgraduate degree

For anyone looking to build a career in the high-flying world of finance, then a postgraduate degree is something that really must be considered. While it is not impossible to forge a path in this sector with just an undergraduate degree, not having that extra layer of education puts the individual at a disadvantage in a very competitive market.

The finance sector has taken a bit of a battering reputation-wise recently, and some graduates are finding that the positions they are taking up are not what they expected. A new study by professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers has revealed that there is a "significant gap" between what graduates working in the financial services sector are experiencing and their expectations between taking on the role. As a result, almost half of recent graduates in the sector are looking for new jobs. What this means is that while there are good opportunities out there for graduates, competition for the better roles is becoming ever fiercer.

In such a climate, the experience graduates can gain with a course such as MSC finance can be invaluable. Therefore, when researching a place of study, it pays to look at more than just the course programme when making a decision. Take an institution like MDX, for example. Not only does it offer "advanced intellectual training in banking, finance and economics", but the institution carries a great deal of weight within the financial services sector. As a year-long course, MDX's MSC in banking and finance offers the chance to gain experience in industry with well-known companies in a variety of sectors such as banking, insurance, investment, oil and pharmaceuticals.

Another way to make a CV stand out from the crowd is to study abroad; in doing so it demonstrates a commitment to a chosen career, an ability to handle oneself under pressure and assimilate with a different culture and corporate structure. In addition, choosing to study in one of the world's financial centres - such as on MDX's Dubai campus - will make the overseas experience an even more attractive one to a potential employer. Dubai is slowly growing its reputation as a world financial centre, according to the latest Global Financial Centres Index. Perhaps most importantly, the same study revealed that among international companies, Dubai is now among the top five nations when it comes to looking for somewhere to start a new business. Having previous experience of this culture is a strong asset.

The cost of education may have increased noticeably in recent years, but it still remains a valuable investment in a brighter future - especially in the finance sector.