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Masters degree in Choreography


Central School of Ballet announces new MA degree in Choreography
First student already enrolled

Central School of Ballet (CSB), one of Europe’s leading centres for dance training and education, has announced a new Masters degree in Choreography.  The MA is validated by the University of Kent alongside CSB’s undergraduate degree course, the three year BA (Hons) in Professional Dance and Performance.

The Masters course has been developed by CSB’s Director, Sara Matthews, who has been planning to offer this additional training at CSB since she took the lead role at the school just under three years ago.

Sara explains the attraction of the new Masters degree to dance professionals: "This choreography course differs from others available in the UK as it has a focus on ballet, compared to most MAs which have a contemporary bias.  Our aim is to enable our MA students to develop an individual artistic voice which will contribute to the future direction of our art form.”

The goal for MA students is to create an innovative new work that will be performed as part of the Ballet Central tour.  Sara comments further: "This aspect of the course is key to its success as the work is produced with our final year CSB students and gets exposed to a wide audience”.

The new course is funded by the generous support of the Leverhulme Trust and already has its first participant, Dane Hurst, a dancer with the Rambert Dance Company.  Dane comments:  "I was attracted to the MA course at Central School of Ballet as it offers an in-depth and investigative approach to choreography.  There’s also a unique flexibility that allows me to continue with my touring schedule with Rambert Dance Company.  I’m stimulated by the creative process and it’s a great privilege to be able to choreograph a piece of work for Ballet Central.”

The MA course in Choreography consists of five modules.  Dane has completed the first of these already and will complete all by May/June next year.  His new piece of choreography will be performed in next year’s Ballet Central tour.

Choreography is fast becoming one of the most vibrant art forms as it allows individuals to develop personal interests in dance while being influenced by the best artists worldwide.  CSB has a long-standing relationship with the most influential choreographers, many of whom create new works for Ballet Central.  The company is in the middle of its 22 venue nationwide tour and this year is showcasing new works by Mikaela Polley (Rehearsal Director for the Rambert Dance Company), and Sharon Watson who is Artistic Director of Phoenix Dance Theatre, both of which were created especially for Ballet Central.

Ballet Central is formed from final year students at CSB, offering pre-professional touring that is not available through any other dance school on such a scale.   Sara Matthews comments, "We are the only vocational ballet school to offer an Honours Degree and this level of touring experience. Ballet Central continues to be a springboard for hundreds of dancers into the top international dance companies. Dancers live to perform so touring is a much anticipated part of our three year curriculum.  We expect the new MA course to become equally desirable for more experienced dancers.”

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