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Innovative open day campaign


University launches innovative open day campaign

All-expenses paid open days and an ‘Access all Areas’ student card are just part of an imaginative new scheme to help students thinking about studying at the University of East Anglia.

The ‘Ultimate Open Day’ will see six students, plus their parents and up to three friends, enjoy an exclusive day at the university’s Norwich campus.

The prize includes travel, overnight accommodation and free refreshments throughout the open day. Coupled with a one-to-one meeting with a lecturer in their chosen subject, reserved seating in talks and a bespoke tour of the campus, the package is designed to be a good way to see what higher education has to offer.

In addition to this, everyone who attends one of the three 2012 open days and registers at the university will be entered into a draw to win an ‘Access all Areas’ campus card. The card will entitle the winner to gold membership in the Sportspark, a pair of tickets for each LCR club night and gig, along with access to the UEA’s literary festival talks and campus film programme.

The card will last for the entirety of the winner’s undergraduate degree.

The scheme has been developed by the university’s Marketing and Communications team. Susan Gook, head of marketing and communications, said: "Choosing the right course and right university is a difficult decision. Students need to weigh up a number of factors from detailed course information to accommodation availability.

"We aim to make the choice as easy as possible by showing what the full student experience at UEA is like – and the best way to see that first hand is at one of our open days.”

The team have also been working with a social media agency to produce a pioneering video to demonstrate what UEA has to offer.

Susan Gook said: "The aim of this video is to reach those in further education who want to discover more about what university, and particularly UEA, has to offer.

"We feel that this unique and interesting look at university life sets UEA apart from the rest.”

The video can be viewed at

To enter the open day competition, or to find out more information, visit the university’s Facebook page at