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Job opportunities in Europe


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Young people have been hardest hit by the economic crisis as they often lack the experience and skills to be competitive. Today, one in five young Europeans cannot find a job (20.4 %)*. Over the past two years, the total number of young unemployed in the EU has increased by one million.

To tackle youth unemployment the European Commission has produced a video clip, entitled 'Getting off to a good start' which highlights the opportunities available to young people. The clip explains how young people can access a wealth of funding and support programmes to help find a job or set up a business.

The video clip forms part of a wider campaign by the European Commission to raise awareness of the Youth on the Move initiative which aims to enhance Europe's education systems and support young people's entry into the labour market. Youth on the Move is one of the flagship initiatives from Europe 2020, the EU's strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.