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Working in Germany


Working in Germany Looking for Work in Germany

Are you looking for a job in Germany? Aiming to do business with the Germans? Need to know what makes a candidate successful on the German job market? Then look no further, because the career guide ‘Looking for work in Germany’ offers answers to these questions! You can find out more about the German Grundlichkeit and Punktlichkeit in this guide.

Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM) has a set of career guides describing the main routes to international jobs and employment in over 40 countries.

The employment guides are designed to help graduates, (young) professionals and expats make the first successful steps into the job market of the country of their choice. Each guide tells the reader how to look for a job in a particular country and what cultural management differences they come across in that country. Additionally, the career guides include information on how to compile CVs and application letters in different countries. Next to this, the career guides feature interviews with people who are working in that particular country, to provide readers a different insight to jobs overseas and moving and working abroad.

Find out about;
  • Management Culture
  • Visa Requirements
  • Main Routes to Employment
  • CV and Application Letter
  • Country Profile
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