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'Insanely Driven' career character profiling test


'Insanely Driven' career character profiling test A new interactive online experience that aims to ‘get inside your head and find out who you really are’ has been launched.  

The 'Insanely Driven' experience is a new type of character profiling assessment, which is completely different from the usual box ticking exercise that most people associate with psychometric testing.

Aimed primarily at graduates and people in the early stages of their career, this experience will appeal to those who are interested in finding out more about themselves in order to find the best work environment and culture for them.

What makes this experience different from anything else in this area, is that it is in equal parts an interactive film and a character profiling test, while still being fun to play.

Each user will find themselves completely immersed in the experience, allowing a truer reflection to be formed of their character. Presented in this way, it’s far harder than most character assessments to try and "cheat” your way through to a more preferable character profile outcome. It’s time to get to grips with who you really are!

The experience has been launched by Reckitt Benckiser, a global leader in health, hygiene and home FMCG products. To try the experience for yourself and find out more about who you really are, just visit:

Professor Adrian Furnham of University College London said: "I have done many personality tests in my time. I have done sentence completion and ink-blot tests. I have filled in 100's of often rather dull questionnaires. I have been interviewed many times. But this test is different. It is where 21st century science, imagination and technology meet. Not only is the test unusual, provoking and fun it has two great advantages. First, it is not easy to fake. Second it is based on solid theory."