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Technology opportunities


Launched by the London based technology innovator Exponential-e, the ‘Exponential-e Academy’ will pave the way for hundreds of job-seekers to apply for 10 sales trainee roles. The annual recruitment programme, now in its fifth year, has received over 3000 applicants with 41 offered full-time roles since 2008.

Exponential-e was founded ten years ago in the shadow of the Olympic Stadium in the heart of East London. Built on technology innovation and a history of investment in youth, the organisation is one of the UK’s most profitable privately owned companies.

CEO and Founder, Lee Wade comments "The very foundations of this business are about creating opportunities. Be it opportunities for the brightest engineering brains to design a complex network to broadcast the Royal Wedding to millions, or for ambitious young people to find new markets and new ways to market. The Academy is a belief, a belief that you need to invest in the future if you’re to thrive.”

The Exponential-e Academy is open to applicants with varying levels of sales skills.  Potential and key characteristics are examined over a one day assessment with exposure to much of the business. Individual and group challenges and tasks are set to find the most ambitious and industrious. For the 10 or so selected the investment by the business has its rewards.

"Graduating in 2009, like many of my peers, I left university in the midst of a recession. I have a first in Business and entered into what was a very competitive job market. I applied for the Exponential-e Academy that summer and have never looked back. During the assessment day, you bond with so many people, you learn a lot about yourself. The investment made by Exponential-e began the day I became part of the Academy and continues three years on. I have learned a considerable amount during in my time with the company, and am now, along with my colleagues, an important part of a very successful team. I get a buzz out of being in such a forward-thinking environment, and I manage some of the company's largest blue-chip accounts," said Sean Humphrey, Account Manager, Exponential-e.

Lee Wade added "The Government and the Shadow Cabinet talk about schemes and a "real jobs guarantee" but in reality, it’s down to UK businesses to fuel job creation. If the priority is on short term shareholder returns rather than future growth, we’ll continue to see talented young people waste their skills in jobs providing little fulfilment or no jobs at all. I’m looking forward to seeing what our fifth Academy brings us in terms of talent and aspiration.”

The 2012 Exponential-e Academy was launched today with a recruitment drive via online advertising, social media and digital campaigns. The short listing of candidates for the one day assessments begins 23rd April with the Academy itself due to start in June.