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Design and Luxury Management


ICN Business School announces new MSc in Design and Luxury Management
Programme to draw on school’s unique ARTEM partnership to combine management knowledge with art and technology
March 2012. ICN Business School in France has announced the creation of a new Master of Science (MSc) in Design and Luxury Management. The programme, whose first intake of students is set for September 2012, will be taught at the school’s campus in the eastern city of Nancy and will include two week-long seminars in Paris and Moscow.
The two-year long programme aims to develop the knowledge and expertise necessary to get ahead in the ever-changing luxury and design markets, which have seen continued growth even during the recent financial crisis. Students will learn to understand the complex luxury and design markets by developing commercial, marketing and communication strategies adapted to innovative creation.
The Artem Alliance
The MSc in Design and Luxury Management is the result of an existing collaboration between the three ARTEM partner schools based in Nancy: the École des Mines (engineering), the École Supérieure d’Art (art), and ICN Business School (management).
The goal of this partnership is to connect, and at the same time distinguish, people (artists, engineers and managers), fields (art, science & technology, management), and knowledge (how to create, produce, develop and negotiate) in order to teach the new generation of leaders and creators to pursue new interdisciplinary knowledge.
"This new MSc addresses the discovery of the luxury world with a multi-disciplinary vision and allows an understanding of the creation and design of luxury products by acquiring a knowledge including materials and areas of traditional and digital design,” said Jean-Claude Grass, Deputy Director of Programs at ICN.
The Luxury Economy
"Luxury is one of the leading sectors of the French economy and even of the global economy,” said Maxim Koromyslov, Director of the MSc in Design and Luxury Management. "With a turnover of almost €150 billion, this sector has seen through the crisis like no other. It represents a real opportunity in terms of career prospects for our graduates."
By joining this programme, students will benefit from the pedagogical, economical and cultural environment of a business school as well as two other specialized schools. Course content includes the fundamentals of design and luxury at the École Supérieure d’Art, the fundamentals of materials and luxury product design at the École des Mines and the fundamentals of the management and marketing of luxury products at ICN Business School.
Examples of job opportunities for graduates include Marketing Director, Head of Brand Development, Product Manager, Head of Product Development and Buyer.