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Sustainable Business Conference 2012


  • Sustainable Business Conference 2012
  • Enabling the positive city: smart cities, smart sustainability.
  • Organized by HEC Paris in partnership with BeCitizen on Thursday 22 March

More than 600 businesses, universities, politicians, NGOs and students are expected to come together on 22nd March to attend the Sustainable Business Conference, an ambitious and unique event organized by HEC Paris with the support of BeCitizen.
This year’s conference will be dedicated to enabling the positive city. Since 2008, more than half of the world’s population has been living in urban areas. This urbanization trend is continuously rising and could have significant impacts on our human and natural capital: the consumption of fossil energies, emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants from transport, water consumption, waste production and the destruction of biodiversity.
This conference hopes to break away completely from current discussions about sustainable cities: Whilst a "sustainable city” simply aims to limit its impact on the environment, this conference aims higher by proposing the concept of a "positive city” which tries to put a stop to environmental impacts altogether.

The conference on 22nd March will present both concrete solutions to building and enabling the positive city as well as the solutions to failures in innovations which are still in the process of being researched, but which could define the positive city of tomorrow. In other words, it poses the following questions:
-          What can we do today and what could we do tomorrow?
-          How to reduce energy consumption in the smart city?
-          How to industrialize the Positive City?
-          How to grant «new citizens» access to quality education?
-          What partnerships between public and private sector to "enhance smart cities?
-          How to generalize smart mobility?
There are so many questions to be answered, and on 22nd March industrialists, business leaders, NGO’s and financial experts will try to do just that. The guest speakers will give examples of real, concrete business models as well as solutions to failures that should lead to the restoration of our planet through a Positive Economy. See the Full program
Campus HEC - 1 rue de la libération

From 9am to 7pm
For more information/registration visit: