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MSc in Global Business


MSc in Global Business

Rouen Business School to launch an innovative MSc in Global Business
1 programme, 3 institutions, 3 continents

March 2012 ó Rouen Business School has announced the creation of a new tri-continent Master of Global Business programme in partnership with the University of Victoria in Canada and Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea, to be launched in August 2012.  
The all-English one-year programme will take place on the three campuses, the first quarter at the University of Victoria, the second at Rouen Business School, followed by Sungkyunkwan University. The programme is for recent graduates of a bachelor programme of any nationality, specialized in economics, business or management.
The classes will focus on the fundamentals of international management by offering students life and work experience in a multicultural context in phase with the current global professional environment. Graduates will pursue high-level positions in international professions, i.e. Country Manager, Import-Export Manager, etc.
Continental specificities
The MSc in Global Business will highlight the specificities of the three continents (Asia, North America and Europe) through teaching modules focused on business.
The three schools are all accredited AACSB, guaranteeing students a quality education by top-level faculty. Each quarter students will be able to take general coursework based on the expertise of the institution (such as entrepreneurship at Rouen Business School) as well as classes focusing on the specificities of business in each region.
University of Victoria, from August to November 2012

  • North American business context
  • International financial management
  • International marketing and global strategy
  • International logistics and supply chain management
  • Global leadership and cultural intelligence

Rouen Business School, from November 2012 to February 2013
  • European business context
  • Business development and entrepreneurship

Sungkyunkwan University, from February to April 2013
∑         Industry analysis and Asian business context
∑         Consulting methods and practice
∑         Consulting project with a local company

Global Business Project
During the final phase of the programme students will put their acquired knowledge into practice through a Global Business Project. This pedagogic exercise, occurring during the third quarter on the South Korean campus, centers on case studies that highlight real business issues. Meetings with managers who are confronted with these same issues in will be organized. Students will also have a consulting project to carry out within a Korean business.
The programme will finish with a 3-month internship to be done on a continent of the studentís choice.